Data Center

The data center is the nerve center of your business. Users depend on data center applications running at peak performance with data available to authorized users, and resources available for new projects.
Data centers are complicated and your largest IT expense. A typical enterprise data center may house thousands of servers and hundreds of terabytes of storage. The physical infrastructure of your data center must support shifting asset allocation and management technologies such as virtualization.
IDS has been specializing in data center design and implementation since its inception. We know how to integrate components from multiple vendors into a cohesive, manageable whole that performs to your application requirements. We provide feasibility analysis, technology master format planning, power and cooling systems analysis, cost budgeting, and project management.
IDS Data consultant team can help you:
• Assess your current data center and recommend improvements for network infrastructure, optimal server and storage performance, and business continuity
• Design and implement data center solutions that meet your performance and budget requirements
• Consolidate resources to increase server and storage utilization rates
• Conserve power, space, and cooling
• Build secondary or mirrored data canters as part of your business continuity plan in case of disaster


SYSTIMAX Cabling Solutions

The SYSTIMAX solution (now part of CommScope) is the premier structured connectivity system developed by Bell Laboratories, the research and development arm of Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T). Lucent Technologies is a Fortune 40 company with a global presence in 90 countries or territories, and a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of telecommunications systems, software and products. SYSTIMAX was also part of Avaya.
What is a Structured Connectivity Solution?
The SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solutions (SCS) are a key element of SYSTIMAX Solution's product line and is the industry leading cabling solution - worldwide. Designed for the modern era of Gigabit applications, SYSTIMAX Labs has provided the most extensive and comprehensive portfolio of structured connectivity solutions available on the market today. The SYSTIMAX SCS is an ideal single cabling solution for a network that integrates voice, video, data and even building controls on one network. Our copper and/or fiber solutions can be customized to fit any customer's needs.
A smart cabling decision can pay for itself many times over its lifetime. The alternative can mean complete re-cabling every few years. Careful planning can help you avoid that unpleasant necessity. The certified SYSTIMAX Structured Connectivity Solution you install today is warranted not simply to meet, but to exceed your performance needs, both today and in the future. Though each system is unique, any structured cabling system must conform to these basic criteria:
• Standardized media and layout for both backbone and horizontal cabling.
• Standard connection interfaces for the physical connection of equipment.
• Consistent and uniform design that follows a system plan and basic design principles.
All SYSTIMAX components are made by a single manufacturer. Our integrated approach offers many additional benefits such as:
IDS have carefully selected key global security partners on the basis of their excellence in individual niches and the fact that, when combined, they provide unrivalled coverage across the entire spread of IT security requirements. This multi-vendor approach means that we are in an unrivalled position to cherry pick the best possible security technologies and incorporate them into a security solution that is tailored to your unique business requirements.
End-to-end tested cabling components that minimize the risk of incompatibility. With a multi-vendor approach, incompatibility problems may only become apparent when changes are made to the system or higher speed networking is required.
Open architecture supports data and voice equipment and applications from many vendors -- including data terminals, analog and digital telephones, personal computers, video teleconferencing and host computers, security and video surveillance, building system controls, as well as common system equipment.
Lower maintenance costs: Troubleshooting and problem resolution can be particularly expensive and time consuming in multi-vendor networks. SYSTIMAX components can be obtained from a single source, which reduces cost, improves response time, and eliminates inter-vendor finger-pointing.
Minimized network outage risk and/or decreased outage duration. An end-to-end SYSTIMAX solution can cut down time by up to 50% to 80%!
SYSTIMAX: The best warranty in the business: The quality of a network's warranty is the best assurance that system faults will not result in unexpected costs. Our unique warranty covers not only your system components, but also the performance of specific applications for a full 20 years for PowerSum, GigaSPEED®, OptiSPEED™ and LazrSPEED™ Channel Solutions! Visit the Systimax web site